Resound Hearing Aids

  • Are Resound hearing aids waterproof?

    Whilst you may see waterproof hearing aids advertised, in reality, while some models are slightly more resistant to water than others, there is currently no model that is truly waterproof. However, as a general rule, rechargeable hearing aids can be considered water-resistant, due to the absence ...
  • How do I change the filter on my Resound hearing aids?

    To change the filter:: Remove the dome from the device Take out one of your Wax guards from the packet Place the black end inside the existing filter, give the guard a light clockwise twist and pull out the existing filter Turn the wax guard over to the white end and place this inside the metal ...
  • What is the best Resound hearing aid?

    The Resound One 9 is our most popular model and the most ‘feature rich’ when compared to the One 7 model. The One 9 features more channels, better directional sound processing capability and the ability to work with the sound enhancer found within the ReSound app.