Phonak Hearing Aids

  • Are Phonak hearing aids good?

    Phonak are market leaders and feature some of the latest technology in their devices. Their Roger technology allows you to connect to Phonak Roger accessories and stream premium quality audio from your TV or mobile phone. Other technologies include AutoSense OS which can pick up sounds from numer...
  • How do I adjust the volume on my Phonak hearing aids?

    The volume on your Phonak devices can be adjusted via the switch on your hearing aid models or through the Phonak mobile app by adjusting the volume slider.
  • How do I pair my hearing aids to the Phonak TV Connector?

    Some devices can pick up the TV Connector automatically but if not… Ensure your hearing aids are within a metre of the TV Connector and open the battery doors With your devices now in your ears or beside the TV Connector, close the battery doors Once the hearing aids have powered themselves on, ...
  • How do I program my Phonak hearing aids?

    With Wholesale Hearing, your hearing aids arrive pre-programmed by our qualified UK audiologists so they are ready to wear as soon as they arrive at your door. This applies to all of our models and brands. If you are having any issues with your devices feel free to contact us via the live chat ic...
  • How long do Phonak hearing aid batteries last?

    Battery length depends on how you use your devices. Bluetooth hearing aids may not last as long as non-Bluetooth devices due to the need to connect them to your accessories, but all of our rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries can still provide hours of listening time.