Programming & Audiologist Care

  • Do I need to send a digital copy of my audiogram?

    If you can, great, but if you have a hard paper copy we will also be happy to accept a clear photo image.
  • Do you offer remote fine-tuning sessions?

    We offer 1 free remote aftercare session included in the price of the hearing aids. The session is scheduled with one of our audiologists. If this is required please contact us at with a description of the issue you are having.
  • There are many hearing aids, which is right for me?

    Good Question! If you send us your audiogram we can suggest which level of hearing solution is right for your hearing loss. If you have any features you desire then we will always take them into consideration for you! Read more information on this topic here:
  • What information do you need to program hearing aids?

    In order to program your hearing aids to your specific needs we require your Audiogram within the last 6 months.
  • Who programs my hearing aids after they have been ordered?

    All orders for hearing aids are set up and programmed by an expert HCPC Audiologist so you will be able to wear your new devices right away upon delivery. We use the hearing test report / audiogram that you send to us.  Then accurately program the hearing aids to match. Our expert audiologists ...